Video Competition

With the second release looming upon us, I am excited to announce that I would like to include my fans in this one as this track is so special to me as equally are you , my fans.

This upcoming track was the first track I wrote, and was at a time when i was reminiscing about the younger days as a child and the amazing memories that I made and my parents made for me growing up.

These moments were those exciting memories that just made you feel breathless.

So, tell me your story , what was your most amazing memory as a child, doesn’t need to be something on a spectacular scale but what made you feel those memories of happiness and joy. A Birthday? Making a cubby house out of blankets with a friend? Learning to ride a bike with your Dad? Anything!

Out of the submitted I will be selecting 6 of the entries to re-enact and bring those special moments back to life to accompany the upcoming track ‘Breathless’ in my second instalment tracks music video.

Entries close midnight 22/11/2020

Entry Submission form